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Default Starting Purple Cabbage Seeds

Well this afternoon I planted 4 sets of cabbage seeds, now I'm done... Why? I'm out of room, but I direct sow cukes, beets & beans. Starting cabbage seeds indoors is a first for me, I usually direct sow but saw an article that says its a benefit, we'll see if it is. So here's what's gonna be in my grow bag garden, Tomatoes, Jet Star / Better Boy / Black Sea Man & Tiny Tim. Peppers, Cubanelle / Jimmy Nardello / Shi★★★★o & Calwonder / Acorn Squash / Cabbage / Beets / Green Beans & Cukes.
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Jeannine Anne
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Why are there stars among your plant names please?
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because the site limits the cuss words from being written. that said it is the shish-ito and instead of it writing the noncuss word for a pepper name it inserts stars in place.
carolyn k
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After several failed attempts to direct sow cabbage in recent years, I started some indoors myself this year after also reading something that recommended it. My seeds were a couple years old so only five germinated, but they are growing nicely and I hope to start hardening them in a week or so. Fingers crossed both yours and mind do well.

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I start many of my veggies inside, including cabbage, lettuce, brassicas, cukes, zukes, onions ... I get better control in how many I plant, where, and I get an earlier season with a larger harvest. Mesclun gets sown directly in the ground.

All my greens and leafy plants went in the ground last week, a bit later than usual for me.
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