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Default Just moved to Ohio

I relocated to Ohio this year. I have attended SETTfest the last few years. I plan on doing CHOPTAG this year. Didn't get to grow any tomatoes this year. We are still in the process of moving into our house. I can't wait to grow tomatoes next year. Since the weather here is not so hot and humid, I think it will be much easier to grow tomatoes.
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Welcome to Ohio. It does get hot and humid here, but usually not until late July/August.
Looking forward to meeting you at CHOPTAG
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Welcome FoolControl.

What part of Ohio did you move to?
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Default Good to have you with us.

Welcome FoolControl.
I'm pleased to hear you discovered CHOPTAG!
I look forward to seeing you at our Tomato Tasting!
"We believe we mere debtors to God in relation to each other and all men, to improve our Time and Talents in this Life, in that manner in which we might be most useful." Shaker Covenant 1795
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Welcome! If you come to the CHOPTAG Taste Fest then at least you'll get to eat plenty of heirloom tomatoes this year.
"Seriously think about what you're about to do/say before you do it and the outcome will always be better." Earl
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it is indeed a blast. a tasty tasty blast!
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