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I am looking into making triangle cages. They would be about 25 inches from corner to corner, have 12 inch spikes to push into the ground, an open front to enable the person to get to the soil if needed, fold flat for storage, be made of very heavy duty galvanized metal rod with large openings to get hands in, and from the bottom support to the top be 7 feet tall.

So far cost per cage not counting my labor would be about 15 bucks.

I have thought of some fabrication shortcuts that could really help with the time to make per each.

Sounds too good to be true huh? It just might be!

Still have to make the first one!


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You can turn a 90 T into a 60-60 Y using heat and lengths of equivalent steel pipe (unthreaded) for leverage. Clamp it down with a piece of steel pipe in the socket you dont want to bend. Use a torch or electric heat gun to soften the PVC just below the socket. Shove another steel pipe into the socket and bend it to its new angle. Then do the other side.
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