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I was watching a blue jay this morning, eating something while sitting on my tomato shelter. Maybe a slug or a snail, or coulda been a green tomato too. And when I looked out my kitchen window, somebody most likely a squirrel (or THE squirrel in my plants yesterday) has left a partly eaten mushroom on a branch facing my window. So much critter interaction all of a sudden... and then I remembered. I took off yesterday without watering the outside garden. It was a bit overcast and I figured the plants would survive. But I totally forgot about the impact a bit of water - or the lack of water! - has on the birds and animals around the garden.
They have really been respectful in the past couple years, helping themselves to the bounty of the perennial garden but not disturbing my vegetable plots only taking what I left for them on the compost pile. But we're having it so dry, if I skip a day of watering, they are likely missing it now!
I remember reading in another thread, that someone put out water for the birds and animals to reduce the amount of tomato theft and it worked... what do you think? I'm going to water as soon as I finish my breakfast, maybe I can find some bowl to fill too...
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I lost a lot of tomatoes to vermin this year.
1 precious plant I have hardware cloth around.
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