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Larry - I'm so sorry; that looks devastating. Did you have any surviving plants?

Being on the coast, our lows were about 35. I seem to have a lot of wind burn, etc. I brought some plants in the garage and covered the ones that weren't massive. I also brought some under the porch; on the first cold night I did a massive cover but the 2nd night, just left them under the porch near the house. I think the house threw off enough heat b/c those plants still look good.

The broccoli and lettuce thrived during the rain/cold.

Tonight starts a new cold spell, but I think the lows will be in the 40s. One thing for sure, even if plants make it, is a major setback on fruit production.

Did you ever find out what was the broccoli culprit?
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After the cold spell and the subsequent fog in the morning for several days running I have incredibly massive disease throughout my entire tomato garden. It's been quite a fight the last couple of days cutting off disease leaves and getting them sprayed. I am almost but not completely caught up.

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Sorry to hear about all the trouble with the cold spell and the diseases.

Larry, you can collect green tomatoes and let them ripen inside. Pink and yellow varieties ripen pretty good. Black varieties are more finicky to ripen. MDH picked green tomatoes first week in November because of the freezing prediction and they were ripening gradually. We were making salads from our own tomatoes up until a week ago. The cherry were picked with the vine, they hold on it as they ripen. Yes the taste suffers, they are not as sweet but still better then the store tomatoes.

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