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Default Harris seed back-order practices ....

I can't believe I made this mistake again. It was a busy Thanksgiving weekend and I
ordered form HarrisSeed mistaking for 'Heritage'.

(I just received my Johnny's order last night...3 shipping)

Harris finally responded to my third e-mail that as soon as they receive from their supplier,
then germination testing, they will send. About 3+ months later. The seed has been listed in
their catalog this entire time. They banked my money November 23rd.

Just a cautionary tale. 2-3 weeks is acceptable or a slight miss-step in availability...but to keep
accepting orders knowing it is out of stock is suspect. grrr
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They got me, too. The rudbeckia I ordered in July arrived in December. I think it is only on the last checkout screen that they mention something is on back order. It will not say so on the main product page. It's like Amazon with shipping, you have to read the last page carefully before you click send.

Harris has great products, but gouge-tastic pricing. As one example, the short stuff zinnia I like can be bought elsewhere in rooted cutting form by the tray for less per cutting than what Harris charges for one seed.
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It happened to me last year with pelleted lettuce seed variety pack; by the time I got the seeds it was summer. The seeds would at least be fresh for the winter sowing.

But they are so good in other aspects, that I can overlook it.

More importantly, I think I should take advantage of Johnny's free shipping. Need ideas - what did you get?
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