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Default Tater Diggin' Time

Yesterday was potato digging day. Some of the potato plants had continued that wilting problem although the soap water treatment seemed to reduce the ant problem. The potatoes probably could have used the extra two weeks to the 100 day mark, but we dug them in case the potatoes themselves had a problem. Other than being a bit smaller than usual, they're fine. In this pic the tops have been cut off so that we could see any ant hills that might be about before digging. It's an 18'x4' bed.

The Yukon Golds are in the front and the Kennebec in the back. They've been drying off in the shed overnight so they haven't been weighed yet. There's definitely not as many as last year's haul, but it's enough for just the two of us since there's no cellar here. This was the first time growing them in a raised bed and it was hard to hoe up enough soil to do two decent hillings. No more raised bed for potatoes.

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