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Default Black Beauty and how much sun do they need?

I have a raised bed on the South side of my house that gets sun till around 3 in the afternoon. Then the privacy fence creates a shadow over it. I was originally going to plant some pole beans here to put some cover over the bricks since they get really warm during the day and keep the bedroom hot all night. I made a late decision and decided to put a couple of Black Beauties here instead.

I've since read about a lot of people having a hard time growing eggplant and am now wondering if I made a mistake because of the limited sun. If it takes all season to produce, will the limited sun make production even worse?

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I have had my long eggplants growing in areas with a half day of full sun and they do well. I have also seen Black Beauty eggplants being grown by neighbors in raised beds and they are doing well too in shade cast gardens. I think yours should do well considering the warm weather in your location.
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You will do fine I have grown them with the exact same amount of sunlight.
You could still plant pole beans if you put up some sort of wire for them to grow on along the wall too.

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Having sunlight until the mid afternoon should be enough to grow your eggplants. They like the warmer weather. I don't usually plant my eggplants until the temps are consistently in the 60's. I've found that eggplants will recover from the cold temps but it sometimes will slow the growth, and sometimes will lower the yield. Eggplant like to grow in moist soil, not soggy. Set plants at the same depth at which they are growing in their containers or pots. Fertilize every couple of weeks and you should be fine. If I can grow them, I'm sure that you you'll do a fine job with them.
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