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Default It's August, Tomatoes Still Growing

For most of you, having spring planted tomatoes still doing well in mid August is probably no great shakes but it's totally amazing to this household!
Usually they get dumped no later than the third week of July due to having been overcome with the funk. But they're still doing their thing!

I think the difference is that they've had regular fungicide treatments instead of a haphazard "when I get around to it" schedule. Sister Pickles has been faithfully watering and fertilizing. They've also had any sign of blight pruned out as soon as it appears. So the plants are now more thin at the bottom but that's fine; more air flow!

Meanwhile, the four fall tomatoes that were recently potted to big buckets are already big enough to require two pairs of hands for safely getting the cages on. That will happen tonight. They were started from seed in mid June when I thought they'd surely be needed. Harumph... having said that I've probably now jinxed the whole affair and they'll all be dead next week.
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They look great. I'm just waiting for those last pounds of fruit to ripen on mine before I chop em down for the season. I don't want to wait for the funk!!! I'd rather chop early.
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That's awesome! I've still got some Big Beef, Big Boy, Cleota Pink, and Chef's choice Pink that are still producing. I've got 9 more plants just starting to put on fruit, so we'll see...

Yours look great!

~Jon~ Downheah, Mississippi
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