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Default Seedling with strange mottled foliage - virus?

I grew around 40 seedlings this year, all without issues, except for one, a variety called "Vorlon". I grew 5 seedlings of this variety and all started out the same, green potato leafed seedlings. Then, at about 2 leaves, one of the five started growing out with splotchy yellow and green leaves while still in a small cup. I put it in a 7 gallon pot, expecting that it would grow out, but no, it kept growing that way. I kept another seedling, planted in the ground, never any mottled foliage, and now growing well with deep green leaves.

Anyone have an idea what this is? A virus? Fungus? Bacterial? My seedlings were all kept away from the garden and grown in the same potting soil, so if this is a disease, I'm not sure where it would have come from, and why only one seedling was affected. Pictures attached, the first two are of a Vorlon seedling without issues planted in the ground. The next pictures are of the seedling with issues. It is about 3 times the size it was when I planted it, but all the new growth is affected.
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I haven't seen it before, but for sure, it's not healthy. My advice, just pull it and get it out of there!
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That's very odd. The leaves seem to be crinkling up along with the strange mottling. Is it still growing normally otherwise?

I actually liked the first two photos since I'm interested in variegated foliage which often appears at the 2nd or 3rd leaves. But the blotchiness of the your leaf patterns is different than normal variegation. Is the plant getting more spindly and crinkly than it's siblings?

If it were me, I'd just separate it from the other pots and keep watching to see what happens, unless it clearly starts to go downhill. But then, I like to watch the progress of things I haven't run into before.

If you're concerned about it spreading to your other plants, then Marsha has good advice.

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