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Default Climbing Squash

Over the past 6 months or so, I have sent out/shared many packs of Gialla Nostrale squash seeds. I have them growing in our garden now, and the germination rate is around 75% - so plant a few extras just in case. Gialla Nostrale squash is pretty difficult to get seeds for. That's why I shared so many seed packs.

I also have Seminole squash/pumpkin growing - as well as Greek Sweet Red on a fence. There are two other varieties coming in the mail that are both climbing squash that I will plant the day they arrive.

Some that I am growing that I'm letting sprawl are:

Butternut - Waltham
Sweet Mama
Sweet Potato Acorn
and Sweet Fall, but those haven't germinated yet.

I don't know how well those will grow on a fence/trellis? It's my first time growing all of them.

I am interested in vertical gardening. The older I get - the farther down the ground is

If they grow and produce, I do plan on saving seeds from all of them to trade for other squash seeds that are climbing varieties. I am interested in what squash varieties you are growing. Winter or Summer squash - it doesn't matter.

Some non-vining summer squash we are growing are:

White Scallop
Yellow Crookneck
Yellow Straight Neck
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