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Default Cabbage Fertilization Reaserch

I wasn't able to access this research paper (due to my ignorance on how to find or my computer messing up) but interesting topic. If you gain any useful information, please share.

- Lisa


University Library, University of the Philippines at Los Baños (click here for contact information)

Yield response of cabbage (KY cross hybrid) to varying levels of N-P-K fertilizers of San Miguel [Zamboanga, Philippines] [1975]

Bunoan, J.C.Jr. Zerna, J.Ma. Yadao, Z.D.
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Hmm first thing I do whenever I see a scientific paper is look at first the date, and then where it came from. I haven't read the paper but any scientific data from 1975 may have been either disproved or improved upon since then. Certainly more modern cabbage cultivars may well be available. Not meaning to be negative, just pointing out the date of the paper cited.
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KY Cross is not your typical cabbage that most people grow. It's a large flat variety similar to OS Cross and is not as tight as our American style cabbage. They also don't field hold very long like our cabbage do, so that article is probably not very useful. I've grown both varieties and as market varieties they have a bit of a limited customer base. Mostly people from Taiwan.

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