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Lately we've been having a lot of ground hornets aka cicada killers. They are briefly around buzzing around and dive bombing. Could that have been it?
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Interesting thought. Definitely cicadas (though haven't heard any yet this season), but have never seen a cicada killer in cement-lined parts of Brooklyn. Do remember a news story about them in Staten island - a part of NYC where there are more lawns and larger open areas - a few years ago.

When researching did come across a really retro-fun, exactly 125 year old, newspaper story entitled "The Queer Tobacco Moths".

This link should take you to the image of page 13 of the July 23, 1892 Chicago Tribune - the story is in the second column from the right. You may need to enlarge the image to read it, or in some browsers a double click on the story will isolate and enlarge.

I found it quite informative in it's folksy, story-telling way. Tells of life-cycle and control, and was especially amazed that it even describes hyperparasitism in the hornworm - which I later confirmed (hyperparasitoid wasps lay their eggs in the external cocoons of the parasitoid wasps that the parasitized hornworm hosts).

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they make a noise when they hit the electric bug zapper.
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Default 25 days later...For Completeness

Was there today and noticed a couple of denuded branches and some half-chewed green tomatoes on the same plant. Dove in to the rather wild foliage to find loose frass, and above it a big worm. About 25 days after the buzz. It is left up to the reader to decide if it is coincidence...

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It's a coincidence.

Stupidity got us into this mess. Why can't it get us out?
- Will Rogers

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The Hawk moth is attracted to street lights and is a loud flyer. Easy to identify by the sound made by its wings. Stand under a street light at night and look up. When your neighbors or the cops ask what you're doing, put your finger over your mouth and go "shuuuh". Then point your finger up and say "Hawk Moth". Claud
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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
I make a loud screaming noise when I fly.
Usually starts about halfway down when I realize I cant fly.

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buzz , hornworm , moth

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