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I have been dealing with this for three years. I keep pulling plants. I tried Spinosad last year and I think I was too late. I did plant two gardens since I have a large garden. My raised beds have been failures so I plowed up some barren ground and the tomatoes did better there. I can never see the thrips and would get the bronzing and poor production. I put out a sticky trap and had our extension office look at it.
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I've found Spinosad ineffective as the sole control measure. If you use it as part of a rotation it helps significantly.

Unrefined Neem on everyone, abamectin on other trees and plants, flowers as traps, and soon to be added Novaluron + spinosad every 10 days.

Their cycle is 10 days, so you have to be diligent. Even then, they still win. I hope they leave you alone Barb. They can sure demoralize and somehow have a knack for attacking the sole, extra special seedling you've been itching to taste.
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