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A couple on a deviled egg are really good, in lieu of caviar.

I found something at Central Market a couple years ago. They have a long olive etc. bar, and one tub was filled with caper berries. They look a bit like green olives with stem on. A caper is the bud of a flower. When the flower is fertilized it develops into these berries, which are then pickled like the buds. Very pronounced caper flavor. Might be useful at a tasting for giving your palate "something completely different" or in an olive and veggie melange.

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I cook with capers in Italian chicken dishes.
I would like to know where do you get the seeds for it.
Nasturtium seed taste peppery like pepper grass, garden cress, so doe its leaves. All parts of it is edible.

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See post 9 in this thread.

The phone number of Lake Valley Seed is 800-333-4882. Their office is in Colorado. Perhaps they can direct you to a store in your area.

It is listed at $3.99 per pack under the Pagano brand.

- Lisa
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