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Default Corky Butt, BER, Stem Rot, etc...

(if this was MEDmd I'd be in the hospital)

Not a great Tomato year. Pulled odd ones early, early fruit that is late to begin with.
Mealy ripe fruit, ...all cherries are producing well so not all lost.

Hoping by pulling early ones, I'll give the young fruit a chance. All plants are stunted in
growth overall. No leaf signs of disease at all. Odd.

Just a guess the stem end rot is due to early cracking since the leaf form is fine.
Pic with the rope background, top and bottom of the same fruit.

The 'cork butt' was pulled since the young fruit seems better on upper truss.

My main tomato bed with my every year favorites, mostly hearts, look good.
Favorite cherries, look great. Harvesting those so not a bum year. Just not stellar.
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