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Default 3 April 2017 Garlic Method

I always plant in the Fall about October 20. Never in the Spring.

I have also changed my harvest time from first week of July the to the end of August or even later. The bulbs are beginning to split exposing the cloves slightly. The dried bulbs keep just as well as harvesting in July and the cloves are considerably larger.

Only hard neck is grown. I do not utilize the scapes and leave them to mature. The bulbs may be slightly larger by doing so, but it has no other effect that I can ascertain, also I require some for the bulbils produced for seed.

One can let the rounds go two years to get larger sized cloves for planting, but there appears to be no advantage in doing so.

The names thrown around for garlic are so much double speak IMO. I go to the odd garlic festival and compare my garlic to what is shown and mine is always close to the best, if not the best.

My garlic is always as perfect as can be grown.
Here is a bulb that was allowed to split. It keeps as long about six months as earlier harvested and the cloves are larger.

When allowing the bulbils to complete growth, I wrap the seed pod at the end of the scape with cloth mesh to prevent the seeds from falling as they mature.

The only down side is in a very wet Fall, bulbs sometimes get moisture damaged. This seldom happens in my area.
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