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Originally Posted by greenthumbomaha View Post
When I break up my german extra hardy for planting next week I can send you a few cloves to get you started. PM me your address.

- Lisa

Still waiting for the right weather and an opening for the landscaper coming to till. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon if the most moisture we get tonight is sprinkles.

- Lisa
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Originally Posted by bower View Post
Nice looking seed bulbs! Looks like you may get about 200 head from those, if so he would get 100 bulbs for the $93, close to a buck a bulb or $5 a pound at 5 bulbs per lb. Don't know how that compares with market prices in your area.

You're going to have a great bunch of seed after this year though!!
I like your math! Yeah they are super nice bulbs, some of the best looking I've seen.
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