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I had 2 Jalmundo plants last year. They both were very short (18") and produced extremely thick, short peppers. I prefer Craig's Grande.
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Originally Posted by rhines81 View Post
Really, not as long?? They say it's a 5 incher which is huge by jalapeño standards (must have been a guy measuring them!)
How's the heat??
I have grown Mucho Nacho, Biker Billy and Goliath during the same season and none of the Jalmundo were near the others size. Although looking at your link, the seeds you purchased may be a newer version(NuMex). The seeds I had purchased and got in trades, were listed as just Jalmundo.

Heat was hot, but as typical with jalapeños, vary from plant to plant as well as within the same plant. So, depending on how they are grown and amount of water received, your results may be different.
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Looks like the official release produced peppers that we 3.7 inches on average and 17,000 SHU. Maybe they had a few that got to 5 inches? Not sure I believe the SHU data though because they are also saying that their Early Jalapeños are 48,000 SHU which is Cayenne level hot.
Here's the link:
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I have grown Jalmundo. It is a shorter fat Jalapeño. Very good for stuffing. I have
never grown a Jalapeño that wasn't hot. Usually the first fruits won't be hot, but
after that they are all hot to me. The Jalapeno's I'm growing this year is Zapotec,
Biker Billy(if my older seed sprout still), Jalafugo, and I will probably pick up a Mammoth
Jalapeno at the store.
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