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Default Let's set a date!

If there are no objections, I would like to contact Baltimore County parks to reserve our usual pavilion at Southwest Area Park again this year. So which Saturday in August will it be? (FYI, Labor Day is the 5th of September this year.)
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Cecelia and all,

I like August 21st myself. I think I will be packing if not completely gone the following weekend. My wife was born on the 18th so she may have an issue but I don't think since it hasn't been an issue in the past.

So when was your dad born? Will we be singing happy birthday? I hope he is in good health.

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Personally, the 21st sounds great to me, since "Poppy's" birthday is the 23rd. (well, his birth certificate says August 24, but that's 'cuz my grandpa and the doc went out drinking after Dad was born on the night of 8/23/22, so he wasn't officially registered in the state of CT until the day after.) I'm sure the only thing that would keep my Dad away from MAGTAG would be doctor's orders (and that ornery cuss probably would sneak in anyway!) He's doing well, in case anybody's wondering - must be all the lycopene he consumes.

So Luanne's birthday is the 18th? That's my nephew Andy's and my good friend Cathy's as well. Also Robert Redford's. Maybe we could invite him.

The problem is, of course, that we can't really predict how this year's growing season will shake out. I'm convinced that cherry tomotoes are usually in the MAGTAG top ten because all the main-crop Zone 7 stuff has petered out by the end of August. On the other hand, for the folks in zone 6 like BlueKat and Trudy/Steve, the toms should still be coming on strong.

BTW, does anybody know what happened to our friend from WV (the big guy - Doug, perhaps?) who grew such wonderful tomatoes but never ate them?

Anyway, if anybody would prefer a different date, please speak up! MAGTAG is NOT the Strakna/Flynn show!
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August 21st looks good to me!

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