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Default It should be too hot!

After last years almost perfect spring and early summer weather for gardening this years blast furnace has been a bit difficult. Friday it was over 102 with a heat index in the 120s due to the intense high humidity. I was so hopeful that after that May from hell with day after day with temps in the 100s that went on and on that the week of scattered light showers would usher in more normal summer weather. All it ushered in was a lot of EB and foliage worms. Despite that intense heat some of my newer plants are showing signs of setting a decent amount of fruit. I may have to mortgage the house to pay the water and power bills but I am not letting my plants suffer too much and I guess the regular watering and feeding is keeping them in half way decent shape. I am already noticing uglier skins on the tomatoes now but that is to be expected in this heat. Cucumbers are taking it the hardest with most of them now forming that wonderful U shape or being fat on one end and super thin on the other while the leaves wilt like death warmed over during the midday heat only to perk up a bit as evening approaches. The hot peppers are loving it but the bells are suffering sun scald where they are not fully shaded by their leaves. My squash are still producing quite heavily but we are getting a bit tired of squash now so I may end the Sevin treatment around the stems and let the SVBs take them out soon since the plants are now huge and blocking my paths on either side of the bed.

My first two plantings of tomatoes are still pumping out the tomatoes but new fruit set is really suffering on them so I am contemplating removing those vines earlier than normal once the newer beds start producing some fruit. I haven't decided yet but it becomes more and more work the older the plants get with less tomatoes in return but I have such a hard time pulling up a producing plant. It would be nice though to have a few places ready to plant fall stuff well ahead of time and not have to rush to clear a place. Of course if spider mites or some other blight moves in I may not have much of a choice.

How's everyone else faring with the weather down here? I know that some even near me are getting much more rain than I have and others may be suffering the drought like conditions I have had this year. I was sure hoping for a repeat of last summer but knew it was too much to ask for. I am thankful I haven't had rain nearly every day as that is the hardest thing to deal with because all the tomatoes are inedible and the plants get destroyed by diseases and pests when that happens.

I'm not really complaining since my tomatoes have done surprisingly well and the diseases and pests have been relatively light this year along with the lack of rain.
All in all I am a bit surprised at how well my garden is doing despite the conditions.

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