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Thanks. I did add some epsom salts last year and it maybe did help a little.I bought some worm castings, a ph adjuster, an organic fertilizer called Bloom, and then after I get the plants in I will add the magnesium/calcium.I'll see how that goes this year.What do you think?I finished planting my tomatoes finally.I went on Wild Boar farms website and purchased the seeds I've really been wanting.I didn't realize they were for sale on his website-it's been a long time since I looked.So now I too have Berkeley Tie dye and pork chop and Brad's Black Heart and a few others.I just planted those but the rest of my seedlings are really coming up now.Today I started some cucumbers and will plant more tomorrow.Need to get my sunflowers and other flowers started.Oh it is busy this time of year but it is also fun!
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Cyn, your garden is sooo attractive! Please post more pics when things are growing!!
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thank you for the compliment. I am going to plant today.

Here is my question - given that the beds are 5 x 12, how many plants can I put per bed?
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Suze puts 8-9 plants in her 3 x 12 beds.
I am thinking of putting 14 plants in my 4 x 16 bed.

Depends how much you want to pack them in there.

I would keep a minimum 2' between plant centers.
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