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Originally Posted by salix View Post
Just a quick cautionary note. I once asked at the police station here re: getting access to such confiscated types of fixtures for a gardening group. He replied that most of them were very unsafe due to the type of treatment they had received and the conditions they had been subjected to - not to rain on any parades, but please make sure they are in good condition and are checked for safe operation.
There are three important things to watch out for regarding MH, HPS and mercury lamps ( high-intensity discharge “HID” family of lamps)

1.High temperature – these lights are hot, but not as hot as incandescent bulbs of the same wattage because of much higher efficiency.
2.High voltage – these bulbs require higher voltage to fire, so make sure that all wirings are in good shape.
3.UV – HID bulb has an inside arc tube which generates lots of light, including UV light, and an outside bulb which cuts out the UV light. Some HID bulbs can still operate after the outside bulb is broken. This will generate a very dangerous amount of harmful UV light. Make sure that the bulbs are in good shape.

Also, HID lamp requires 10 to 15 minutes of cooling time each time you shut it off before it will re-start.

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