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So beautiful!! I so wish I was there. The spiderweb was amazing! Andrey your pictures make me happy and make me smile!!
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Your photos are inviting! What a relaxing setting to visit on the weekends. Your scenery looks like here in Anchorage, AK with similar trees and flora. Enjoy your summer!
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You are right Nan - this is a one of garden perrenial Spurge varieties.

Originally Posted by Nan_PA_6b View Post
I think the yellow flowers with that soft, needle-like foliage is called Spurge.

1 kg=2.2 lb , 1 m=39,37 in , 1 oz=28.35 g , 1 ft=30.48 cm , 1 lb= 0,4536 kg , 1 in=2.54 cm , 1 l = 0.26 gallon , 0 C=32 F

Andrey a.k.a. TOMATODOR
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Andrey, I just love looking at vegetable gardens. Yours are wonderful. And the beautiful flower garden with the arbor is so gorgeous. I can just imagine the quiet , country sounds that go with the pics—the buzzing and chirping of insects and birds. Really looks like a heavenly escape from the city. Gardening is a lot of work but the joys are endless when you can pick your own salad greens (and tomatoes) and see the flowers that you planted with bees buzzing about and when you can share that beauty with others.

"When we kill off the natural enemies of a pest we inherit their work."
Carl Huffaker

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