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Default Some Morning Photos

There's a nice northerly breeze out there this morning with a super sweet scent floating along with it. I had to follow my nose and find out what it is. It's the Cleyera blooming. Such heavy and heavenly scent from those little 3/8" bell shaped flowers!

The Spring Treat corn has really red silks. I don't think I've seen such pretty corn silks before, certainly not as red as these.

The muscadine grape vines will be loaded this fall. I cut them back hard in February last year and they're going nuts this year, especially with all the rain.

It always amazes me how resilient plants are. Here's the corn after its second blow down on May 29:

And here it is this morning:

The tomatillos are loaded with blooms and have been, but no fruit is forming. Just as I was thinking I've never seen any bees messing with them, at that moment a fat bumble bee arrived to work the blooms. He/she was very selective about which flowers rated attention. We'll see what happens.
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