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Thans, Mark. If you want some seed, I'll send you some in a few days. Just got them out of the fermentation phase and they are rather wet at the moment.

Narnian, the taste was smooth and full. This is the second year I've grown it - both years from the original seeds sent to me. I'd call the taste slightly sweet (in the background), and very satisfying. I'd give it 8.0/10. The flesh was firm but not hard at first, but softened quickly and it displayed almost no core. Very good on sandwiches of any kind.
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That's a beautiful tomato Ted. Congrats. It's even better that it tastes good too. I'm sure that it will be going on a few peoples Wish Lists for sure.
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Originally Posted by ContainerTed View Post
Brought this one in yesterday. I had to cut it out of the plant. This is the biggest/heaviest tomato I have ever raised. The variety is Cheste which is a Spanish heirloom. Can't believe I got almost to 4 lbs. It is from a megabloom and has 4 sections grown together.
Nice! tomato.

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Congratulations! Impressive and very nice that it has good taste, too.
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