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Default blossoms ?

I had started my peppers weeks earlier than my tomatoes, they are getting to be 7 inches or so tall, they are a month or more away from being planted out and are already starting to get blossoms, question is:; 1- should I pinch those blossoms off? 2- wait until they are just about to be planted to pinch them off? 3- leave them on? thanks---tom
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I usually pinch off before going outside.
Then I don't bother.
This year I didn't pinch any blossoms off.
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I pinch off all of the blossoms until planted outside.
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Depends. If you pinch now they will grow vegetatively more, but only if they have the soil/space/light to do so, otherwise they will grow weak.
If you pinch when they go outside, the plant will slow down now in putting size, which can be good if they were planted too early.
In any case I would not leave them on unless you think the plant is very vigurous.
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