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But, if you have no new body piercings from the just cut edge of crw hitting you . . . it's a success!
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I thought about trying for taller cages, but once I got the wire and realized how easy it would be to knock out 25+ cages if I just made them in the shape they were already rolled into, it wasn't a tough decision.

I counted ten full squares and cut at the edge of the 11th and used that wire to secure the cage. I also cut the bottom horizontal wire at each vertical and bent it down to create the pegs to push 6 inches into the ground so I didn't lose any height. Drove a single rebar electric fence post into the ground next to the cage and secured to the cage with the strong and cheap rebar ties sold in the concrete section with the remesh. Cages are plenty big and secure for me.
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You can make a jig to bend the mesh lengthwise for taller cages, using two pieces of plywood connected with a few hinges (picture an open book), and a 2x4 to clamp the mesh where you want to bend. Lay it flat on the ground, clamp the 2x4 over the mesh at the hinged center, and lift the other section of plywood up to bend. Ideally a two person job, wear gloves and protective clothing. Getting cut by this stuff sucks. I made a few successfully on my own, but would not do it again.

It's a lot less work to go with the circular shape it comes in and have 5' cages. Consider cattle panels for taller cages (all I am using this year). Letting the plants grow over and back down a short cage leads to more disease problems that could be avoided with extensions IMO, but extensions are a pain if you live in a windy area.
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