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I am growing NBD for the first time this year in a #10 nursery pot. It is close to 4ft tall and very bushy. I would say it is 3 or 4 weeks from the majority of fruit ripening. The foliage is so thick it is hard to see for sure how many tomatoes are on the vine, but I would say it has more fruit than any other tomato I have growing right now. And that includes the big Indeterminates like NAR, Mexico, Golden Queen and Brandywine Red.
A very robust variety to say the least and one I will probably grow every year if the tomatoes pass the taste test.
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I ended up with two different tastes from this variety. My favorite is one of the sweetest tomatoes I have ever ate, my friend "tomato Dave" called it a tomato lollipop, the other has a full tomato taste. I was really surprised at how far apart the two are taste wise, and will certainly save a lot of seed from the sweet variety, the other is no loser though.
What are you folks finding in the strain?
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