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Default Grafting heirloom tomatoes

I wonder if any of you Tomatovillians have grafted heirloom tomatoes to rootstock like Estamino for instance. Im looking for some more vigour and production but also want to grow tomatoes in the same place next year (our high tunnel). Any diference in taste?
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Harry Cabluck
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Rachidillo: Am not a fan of Estamino, great failure the past two seasons. Maxifort seems to grow best under LED's and accepts the grafts much better.
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I do graft mine, but only because I have soil disease so I need the rootstock's resistance. Prior to the disease making itself known, my tomatoes were very vigorous and productive on their own, and I never gave grafting any thought.

My choice is DRO141TX as it's a balanced rootstock, and the plants grow and produce about the same as they did prior to the disease appearing.
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I've only ever used RST-04-106. It stops/slows down the soil diseases I need arrested. I single stem lean-n-lower trellis and the heirloom vines were almost all over 20 feet long this last year!

I'm using it again this year.

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