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Don't use a water-based glue like Elmer's.
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Originally Posted by Patihum View Post
Unless you can distance separate varieties by at least 1/4 mile bagging is the only way to get pure seed.

This may answer some of your questions -
I LOVE your link to SESE since Jeff McCormack knows more about isolation distances for not just peppers but also tomatoes.

Jeff was the original owner of SESE, now there are new owners. And it was Jeff who did the original website design for Glenn Drowns/Sandhill Preservation.

I gave up on growing especially hot peppers several decades ago and I had trouble preventing X pollination with plain old bell peppers as well no matter HOW I tried.

If you bag blossoms for peppers you'd be surprised how many wee insect pollinators can get inside.So it also depends on which insects are present where a person gardens.

Just my experience with peppers, too darn many variables involved, but good luck to the rest of you.

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I agree this link was spot on for the information that I was requesting. I can't do that with my space, and a halfway job won't be reliable. Agree with Carolyn on the variables, looks like I will be buying fresh commercial pepper seed going forward, or make new friends with farmers in the country!

Thank- you!
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