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Default Malachite Box

I seem to be developing a taste for GWR. Malachite Box is early, has outstanding flavor, good ripeness cues, and good production.
Really liking MB this year!
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Looks very similar to Emerald Apple. Both are Russian, probably related.
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A little more background on this variety - for the newer members ......

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Location: Newfoundland, Canada
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Malachite Box was early and very productive here, too, the year I grew it. Not sure I'm with you on the ripeness cues.. I guess I was impatient.
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Malakhitovaya Shkatulka is an outsanding variety by any measure, in con★★★★★★★★ with Cherokee Green and Pit Viper, they form my GWR triad.
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Join Date: Jun 2016
Location: Hudson Valley, NY, Zone 6a
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Beautiful! Is it sweet like ARGG, or is it tangy like Green Zebra? So far my favorite green has been Green Mustang, which is somewhat sweet but complex. I’m already starting my list for 2020 and the GWR section is blank. (This year I grew Cherokee Lime, which is another good one.)
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Location: Romania/Germany , z 4-6
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GWRs are the ★★★★ in terms of taste, and production of the ones I tried was also good.
I find them very easy to tell when ripe. Simple rule: if you're not sure it's ripe, then it's not ripe.
The color will depend on temperature however, the last fruits in very cold weather are a lot greener and harder to tell.
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beautiful. I seem to think GWR are better than most other tomatoes too. although this year I grew Marsha's Wild Thyme Pink... its awesome too.
carolyn k
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I grew it this year as well as last year. It was the weakest and most disease prone plan in my garden as well in the garden of my father in law. We grew two plants each and mine are gone already. But the taste of the ripened tomatoes, the couple I was able to get was simply amazing. It tasted like brandywine, but green: both acidic and sweet at the same time. I am torn About growing it again due to its weak habit. Does anyone else have this problem with this variety?
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Default GWR Matoes

I have grown several varieties and ALL have excellent taste.

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Mayax68 I also share your experience of Malachite Box being weak and disease prone. It was the first plant I had to pull this year because all the leaves shriveled up. BUT it is the most fantastic tasting GWR so I valiantly persevere each year hoping to get a few ripe ones before it succumbs. It is also an earlier one compared to my other favorites. I think we got two good ripe ones this year that were great. The others did not ripen once the stalk died.
Fortunately I have other good GWR’s as well like Green Gables and Cherokee Lime Stripes this year. Next year I will grow Cherokee Green and Green Giant again.

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