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General information and discussion about cultivating eggplants/aubergines.

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Default Fertilizer needed?

I tried posting this in the thread that I had already started, but I guess no one is reading that one anymore. I just wondered how much fertilizing eggplants require. I know tomato plants don't require all that much, whereas melons and other curcurbits require lots and lots. Where do eggplants fall? How much do they need?
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I'm not doing egg plants this year but I always treated them like tomatoes and have had great luck.

Happy Fermenting.
I Texas.
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I fertilize my eggplants and cucumbers just like my tomatoes. All are in containers. I use Tomato Tone, 4-7-10 with micro nutrients (Espoma makes it) and a foliar from Monty's Joy Juice which is 2-15-15. Works great.
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I treat my peppers, tomatoes and eggplant identically (I grow them all in pots) - I let the plants speak to me and let me know what they need and when. So rather and do things hard and fast, I consider the environment (pots, water drains through), particular weather that year, size of plant, fruit set, and feed/water/attend to as needed.
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better boy
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Default fairy tale

I'm trying a small version of egg plant this year called ,Fairy Tale, i am thinking of trying it in my 1/2 wine barrels, with Miracle Grow, any suggestions?
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How many were you planning to plant in the barrel? I save my barrel for bigger plants with deeper root systems like tomatoes or blueberries. I grow my eggplants in 2 or 3 gallon pots and I fertilize quite often as it works for me this way. Can't grow in the ground cuz of the pesky destructive flea beetles. I have my pots in a different part of the garden, away from the soil, up on tables.
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