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Old April 8, 2018   #196
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Are you guys wondering what I'm wondering? WHERE IS SPRING??? The flowers and trees say spring is here but the temperatures don't!

I have a few tomato plants that have grown so tall they need to come out from under my grow light because I can't set it any higher. I think (pray) I can begin hardening my plants off on Tuesday. My own forecast looks promising with lows of at least 50 degrees starting on Wednesday, I think.

I didn't start a spring garden this year, meaning my usual lettuce, spinach, beets, peas, radishes. All I have to put out is tomatoes, peppers, parsley and basil. After that, I'll start on beans, cucumbers and squash.

My sister and I have started a farmers market in Norfolk with about 20 vendors and last week was our first week. The forecast made us nervous but the storms stayed away, though it was windy and our honey person lost her tent. But it went very well and we had a good turnout of new customers. Great responses on FB.

With this new market and getting deliveries from Seasonal Roots to my house on Thursdays, I decided not to grow a spring or fall garden this year. I'll just support my local farmers and buy from them!
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Old April 8, 2018   #197
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It's been cold and snowy here in the mountains of SW VA, and the last snow in the forecast is for tomorrow morning. So my onion planting has been delayed from the usual April 1st to the 10th! I put out onion plants, not seeds or sets, so I didn't want to give them the mid 20s temperature we had last night. Should be smooth sailing starting on Tuesday.
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