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Originally Posted by Rajun Gardener View Post
There is a PH element to peppers, they don't grow well for me if there's too much peat in the soil mix. Some might disagree but peppers don't like too much peat, it lowers the PH too much.

Here's some good info on peppers.
With a soil pH of 6.0 you can grow just about anything you want and it will thrive (with the proper nutrients in the soil). Onions and Lettuce like it a wee bit higher (~6.5) but they still like it below 7.0.

Think about your water pH, mine is 6.8-7.0 right out of the well and very soft so it buffers quickly downward to where the soil pH is. Plants take their nutrients from the soil most effectively when it's moist.

If your water is very hard and alkaline pH>7.5 you could really be shooting yourself in the foot. Hard alkaline water does not buffer down in pH too easily. In this case, maybe stored rainwater might be a better option to consider for watering.

Don't forget to test your water along with your soil as it can make a difference too.
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Originally Posted by rhines81 View Post
Yes, all peppers need hot soil to do well ... the namesake "King of the North" implies that it might do well in Northern climates but my experience is that it does not. I've been growing it for years (not sure why) and it really isn't worth the garden space - definitely looking for another good zone 5 Bell !!! My Cubanelles and other 'sweets' quickly out perform and out-taste them.

Many years ago I posted link to a comparison of bell pepper variety production in a northern zone (sadly the information has been taken down and I didn't save a hardcopy - lesson learned) and you are correct, King of The North is a stingy producer, PERIOD!

There are two bell pepper discussions you may want to search this board for , most recently akmarks' top producers in his greenhouse, and an older thread from a former member Hermitian (SP). The heavy producers of bells are hybrids, and some are hard to find in smaller quantities. There was some talk of a group hybrid bell pepper seed buy in, but I didn't follow this. Something to consider once again, if there is enough participation

- Lisa
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