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Default Good guy or bad guy with aphids?

Fighting many pests I have never seen this season. Look closely on the left side of stem- Is this a parasitic wasp getting close to thrip or aphid larva so I should be pleased? Or do I need to get the spinosad and DE going? Up in the right hand/top of the stem( 3rd pic) is that fine spider mite webbing?
Thanks for your input!
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That doesn't look like spider mite webbing. It does look like you have quite a few aphids though.

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Hard to tell from your picture if the winged one is a friend or foe. It looks a bit large to be preying on the aphids though. Parasitoids come in all sizes and are scaled to suit specific prey. Braconids and Ichneumonids often have typical body types that you can learn to recognize pretty easily. Chalcids (often very small) and others have different body shapes.

Lots of pics of aphid parasitoids here:

Google for "aphidius" and/or "aphelinus" to see two braconid types that are marketed for biological control. Incidentally the pattern of wing "venation" ie the lines and marks visible on the wings are used to tell one species from another. The pattern on the wings is visible in your pic and looks distinctive, but without a head or tail I couldn't guess....

I agree that's not mite webbing BTW, looks like seeds to me with fluff attached, if I'm looking at the right bit.

Good luck with all the pests!
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The long, yellowish, cigar-shaped bugs are thrips. You definitely want to deal with them, as some species are vectors for viruses.

The white spot with black specks in it above your fingernail in the first photo is classic thrips damage.
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