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They say the Bullet ant is the most painful sting known to man.
The red ant is forth most painful and I know for a fact it feels like someone put a cigarette out on your skin.
Tarantula hawk comes in second place, they say it has made people pass out from the pain.
The common paper wasp is third.
Happy Fermenting.
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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
They say the Bullet ant is the most painful sting known to man.
The red ant is forth most painful and I know for a fact it feels like someone put a cigarette out on your skin.
Tarantula hawk comes in second place, they say it has made people pass out from the pain.
The common paper wasp is third.
I get stung at least once a year by paper wasps-not even a drop in the bucket compared to the pain of the European hornet. That bee was well over an inch long.

I had shingles a couple of years ago, after about a month as it was fading out some, the whole area around my mid-section felt like I was getting stung by bees over and over again all of the time. Pretty miserable experience.
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Worst ant sting I've had- by far- was an orange Velvet ant that I found interesting as a kid, crawling across the sand in Livingston, Texas. I assumed non-stinging, and boy was I wrong! My arm was in flames for a whole day. Worse even than a white-faced hornet sting....
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Bee Alkaline - Wasp Vinegar is what they used to say to remember what works for the different stings. I am allergic to ant bites and even get a rash from handling the windows etc where they've been crawling at this time of year. Never stung by a bee, but those ground wasps the yellow jackets are awful. Got a sting right through my jeans one day I was blundering through some woods and I guess disturbed them. It lasted for days. I get the same reaction to ant bites too, days of swelling and itch.
The year I decided to 'live and let live' with the paper wasps I did have a few stings, and I recognize their stings now when I get them. They are not as bad for me as the yellowjacket, but you do get swelling and itching. Seems like the same issue but maybe less venom. They sneak up on you and give you a little jab.
I have a tincture I made up for insect bites - Plantain, Echinacea and Mulberry leaf. Oddly it is great for spider bites but hasn't really worked for me for ant bites or wasp stings.
Never knew about the Benadryl or tobacco, nice to learn about it.
I got grossly eaten by blackflies today out in the field. Bites around the eyes are the worst. They leave a big gouge of a bite but do not usually swell. So I'm just drinking a little wine for the indignity.
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Originally Posted by ako1974 View Post
I'm glad you're ok. Unexpected stings hurt more. I've been stung plenty when I've seen it coming.

The worst unexpected one was under the fingernail when I was removing one of my hive's outer covers. Sent an electric shock straight up my arm.

That is so true. Getting stung by a bee reaching in my purse in the parking lot of a grocery store is not something I would have expected.

I looked in my purse for my work ID and saw the body of a bee, black with three or four yellow stripes. The body seemed to be still attached to the lining of the handbag. I didn't see wings or the head looking down in my bag.

When I realized what had happened, I was very concerned. The stinging was intense and my hand was swelling rapidly at the sting site. I saw the white ring where the stinger entered, not sure of I would see this with a pin prXXk. I have all sorts of other allergies - food, pet, environmental. What would a bee sting do?

Possibly the quick ingestion of the Benadryl helped, but I do not really know my tolerance and if that situation saved me from a serious reaction. I wonder if I am allergic to wasps, etc since I made it through with just mild discomfort!

- Lisa
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Lisa, I am glad you are okay, and wish it never happened.

I have Epi Pens for my wife - she's highly allergic to wasp/bee stings. Driving her to the ER was my worst experience with bees/wasps.

My second worst was when a neighbor asked me to remove honeysuckle from her fence. It was a few feet from a little mobile home. I wasn't using gloves and grabbed a black wasp nest by mistake. I don't know how many times I was stung? It was enough to keep my hand swollen for a full week. I used Benadryl.

Both situations taught me that I need to be more aware. Bees/wasps like warm places where they can hide just as much as they like building nests inside barns and the such. A purse is a good place for them to hide in. Wasps like anywhere out of the weather/rain.
Salt, AlittleSalt, Robert
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"Wasps like anywhere out of the weather/rain."

And out of the wind as I found out while walking on a beach one day last year with my hands behind my back where a wasp landed and stung me for no reason! Ouch and itch for days.

I always check an overhang on the quiet side of the garage where I found another nest starting this year. Easy to get rid of when they are small and worth inspecting for.

I was once stung on my upper lip which made me look like a rabbit for a few days. I had sipped at a cup of tea on the porch without looking inside the cup. Never done that again!

Someone else in my area was not so lucky and actually swallowed a wasp in their drink. Their throat began to swell and restrict breathing. Being some distance from 1st aid made it tricky but fortunately a near neighbour told him to gargle with some meat tenderizer which stopped the swelling of his throat while he made it to a doc.

I had a wasp sting me when it landed on the handle of my purse that I was carrying, just got in between the handle and my skin and stung me. That was a bad year as I got stung again when lifting a loaf of bread on the kitchen counter putting my hand on the bag without noticing the wasp on it.

I guess I've had my share of stings and once had to hide my young daughter in the house when she stumbled on a ground nest of hornets in the woods. Watched my son run and jump into the river after he had disturbed a nest on some logs riverside one time too.

We have all kinds of them up here but not so much the ants that sound so dreadful.
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