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Default It's August! So who's coming to MAGTAG?

This has been the strangest (and hottest) summer I can remember - I hope that things cool down by the 21st. My harvest has been pretty sorry so far, but perhaps it's just late ...

Anyway, who plans on attending this year, and are there any special tomatoes you're bringing?

I will go down into the bowels of our basement and check what leftover supplies we have. Greg F., do your kids want to handle the awards again? How about the tip jar?

DH Dave might not be able to grill this year, as he could be having surgery on the leg that he had the DVT in a few years ago - it's bothering him again and the docs think that it's probably not another clot since he's on coumadin, but there may be some kind of blockage. As far as I know, Greg M. will still be available to man the grills.

I'll be doing the BLT bar again this year. Also, Dave snagged brand new copies of Amy Goldman's Heirloom Tomato book and "Heirloom" by Tim Stark. They are review copies the publishers sent to the Baltimore Sun, where Dave works He figures we could raffle them off for charity ... maybe Trudi's organization? Comments?
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I'll be there.

My garden was attacked by killer deer and so far... well, it doesn't look good. I finally found a way to keep them away (Deer Off and Milorganite), but such tomatoes as there are are still green and small. However, I will at least bring a cheesecake, with lotsa strawberries on the side.

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Fear not. Cheesecake is very welcome :-)


I will get the kids on the awards right away. You can't wait too long on those things! Also we may still have the tip jar from last year but we can always make a new one. Of Course I still have a gazillion pennies.

As far as tomatoes go I am producing lots but I hope that I have ones that are still prime come MAGTAG. I fear many will be a little past due but with 42 plants I am bound to have something!

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Cheryll and I are coming. We have been looking forward to it for about 11 1/2 months.

I think we will have plenty of tomatoes. Some will be hybrids.

Ah, the deer. I can sympathize X3. Good move on the smelly stuff.

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I am driving down from Philly. What do you want me to bring? (besides tomatoes I mean). I will be staying in Hunt Valley the night before so I can bring things that don't need refrigeration.
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Generally folks bring tomatoes for the contest, however other good things to bring include tomato related dishes or other side dishes or desserts. We have yet to discuss the little things but perhaps we should start.

I will start another thread on the specifics

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