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Default Joelene's Rustic Italian Pepper

Joelene's Rustic Red Italian Pepper

I couldn't find this on the forum search, but a sprinkling of posts from sellers on European sites ( seeds also available in US at Wild Garden Seeds) have brief mentions. I'm wondering if any fellow northern gardeners could shed some light on productivity and earliness. It is supposed to be earlier than Marconi, and just as flavorful. It is also OP.

- Lisa
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Hi Lisa,

I purchased my seeds from Heritage Seed Market, however it sold out and this listing with the detailed description has been removed. I have been trying to research it as well and I have run across mentions in various places. One plant trial website said that the yields are heavy. A blogger listed it as a favorite and uses it to make Ajvar. I have seen conflicting opinions about the sweetness when compared the yellow version. Some think the red is sweeter than the yellow and vice versa. Overall, I've seen only positive comments about it. I have seen the spelling of the name varied - Joelene's vs Jolene's, and Rustic vs Red, but both seem to lead back to Wild Garden Seed as the source.

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