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Default Another question about fertilizing

While it is technically not a container, I am growing tomatoes in raised bed. Each one is 10 feet by 4 ft and about 20 inches deep. They were built on top of a soil bed, no landscape cloth and each one is filled with Pro-Mix BX.

The tomatoes are doing well. At plant time, I added a granular fert, along with some lime and a bit of epsom salt. I continue to add a water soluble fert, half strength along with some Cal-Mag, every week to ten days.

My question is this: are there recommended granular and water soluble fertilizers for growing in this medium? I am asking because organic, slow release granular ferts are not for container growing for the obvious reason they do not have the necessary microbes to work on them.

So I just want to make sure I am on track here. I am going to be using MG 18-18-24 water soluble fert. Pro Mix now makes one, but not sure if I would want to use it. Also, I have had a hard time ordering Texas Tomato Food from Canada.
Any help would be recommended.
Thanks, Sharon
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