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Originally Posted by zipcode View Post
Romanian rainbow and other light green when unripe pointy peppers. That's where it's at imo in terms of peppers if you want strong flavor (should be picked between ripe and unripe).
If "light green"also includes those that are cream colored immature, there are a lot of great peppers in that category. I've grown several of them, including Bacskia, Pasinsky's Giant, Karlo, Suptol, and Taltos. The cream/light green trait seems to be tied to incredible productivity. They take awhile to ripen, though.

Originally Posted by zipcode View Post
Now if you prefer to eat them raw and red, then that's where the bell peppers kinda win with their mild sweet flavor and thick flesh.
Some of the tomato-shaped pimento peppers (such as Tennessee Cheese and and Greygo) can be just as good, and are less temperamental. Doe Hill (yellow when ripe) is really delicious - but only about 2" wide. Djuric falls in both categories, since it is round pepper that is cream-colored immature.

The cream-colored peppers are really beautiful as they ripen, turning first orange, then red. With all three colors taking place at the same time, the name "Rainbow" is very appropriate. There are a couple noteworthy hot peppers in than category also (Bea and Pelso).
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