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Default Tomato gene interaction paper on "jointless" trait

Saw this over at
Thought it might be of interest to some of you more serious breeders.
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Originally Posted by Iochroma View Post
Saw this over at
Thought it might be of interest to some of you more serious breeders.
Wow very cool,thanks I visit the site sometimes but I missed this.

I've achieved a similar effect by crossing multiflora(s) with normal type inflorescence plants,the resulting F1 had increased branching of inflorescence and a normal(3) number of leaves between each one.But...the branching is unpredictable,sometimes inflorescences remain a simple raceme and I've only done 1 such cross,but next year there will be dosens to test out.
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Brent M
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How cool. I'm working on this very thing in my breeding right now. My multiflora cherry appears to be setting pretty well at the F5. I'm watching intently for negatives on the cherry. I crossed the cherry with 6 beefsteaks and many of the F1s present with promising double and branched racemes with full fruit set. I hope to make selections at F2 towards improved fruit production. Excited about the prospects going forward.
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I had a strange thing happen with one of my lines last year that produced much bigger clusters than I expected. A friend is growing them this year and the same thing is happening in the next generation - she counted 38 blossoms in one cluster. Maybe some epistatic effects prevented that from expressing in the parent plants.

Of course it's a tradeoff between cluster size and fruit size and how much the plant can bear...
Often thinking about how to reduce risk and also maximize yield. Large fruit seem to have the best yield potential, but every fruit loss is significant. For a medium sized fruit, risk is reasonable, but you may want a larger cluster to make up the weight.... at the smallest cherry size it is almost impossible I think, to produce enough cherries per cluster to match larger fruit. ...Pounds per cluster is an important index in my mind.

I sort of have a rough goal of producing a pound per cluster, as a reasonable production for any plant. Pounds per plant or pounds per season is useless to me, since we have a much shorter season and also mostly greenhouse therefore limited space as well as time.
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