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Why oh why do I click on these recipe posts knowing full well they will be full of--food! And yes mouth watering luscious food! RG, I hate you! I was getting ready for bed and now I'm suddenly starving and nothing will do but those tacos and everything else on your last post. Sigh...Good night.
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Rajun Gardener
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Can't you drive to the place in the video? It would be nice to get other opinions and maybe pick up the recipe.
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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
Fried rabbit with mashed potatoes and gravy with bacon simmered green beans.
I like wild rabbit the best but tame will do if not over cooked.

Rajun I see you have the ebay pressure fryer/cooker going.

There used to be wild rabbits, quail, wood cocks and crayfish around here when I was a kid... Two guys could go hunting and kick the brush and get your limit on rabbits and quail. Now all we have are red tailed Hawks and coyotes...
My mom made the best wild rabbit ever, it had French onion soup, lots of mushrooms and sherry wine, but she never wrote the recipe down unfortunately...
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