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Old May 5, 2010   #76
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Gosh I am sad today. I had to make a choice between the tradev or another engagement. Have to go with the other one. Man this is like training for the race and not getting being able to get there. I can only drool over the postings of the plants.
Now I have to wait to taste them. Hurry August!
Darn Darn . Miss you all. Susan Tootaloo
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Old May 5, 2010   #77
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Default Getting excited....

Haven't been to Tomatoville recently but this weather has me thinking about summer and plants.

I came to the site looking for what people were bringing to the swap and now I am hungry reading about smoked turkey, brisket, and pork. Boy, I can't wait for that.

I am having my worst start in years...not sure if I have bad starter mix or what but plants are way behind....but looking better recently. Not ready for transplanting yet so I may be empty handed this weekend.

My peppers were a disaster and I am hoping to poach some peppers if anyone can spare. Like the hots, but love the Anaheim/New Mex types if anyone can spare those or some bell types.

I may be bringing some new recruits as well.

Looking forward to seeing you of my fav events of the year!

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Old May 5, 2010   #78
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Location: SE Indiana (Near Dayton, OH)
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Everyone, I can't make it. My daughter has a thing for school that I just found out about...and, my tomatoes got hit by someone's herbicide drift.

I think they will be ok, but there's nothing sadder than a bunch of melty-plastic-top plants...
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Old May 8, 2010   #79
Crispy Corners Guy
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Location: Lebanon, OH
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Looks like we should all bring our jackets tomorrow, but I am really looking forward to meeting everyone -- finally! Tim
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Old May 8, 2010   #80
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Hello, Well it's over, Great time, the one's who couldn't make it sure missed out, Lots of good food & plenty of plants. Special thanks to Earl, VGary, and to all who brought the special food, & Wives that made the delicous desserts. welcome to all the new people who attended.
Thanks to all for the plants. Ron From near Marathon, Oh.
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Old May 9, 2010   #81
Crispy Corners Guy
Join Date: Jan 2010
Location: Lebanon, OH
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Thanks to everyone for making my first face-to-face meeting so enjoyable. It was great to finally get to connect with folks, and the food was excellent -- especially that brisket!

Thank you all for your generosity with the plants and education about what to do now, and I can hardly wait until the next meeting in August for the tasting! Tim
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Old May 9, 2010   #82
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I had a great time! The food was outstanding, got to see all my favorite mater heads and meet several new ones, too. The plant selection was awesome. I came home with a Bull's Heart tomato, a Peppadew pepper, some rockin herbs, and a couple of very cool flowers.
Special thanks to Mr President for putting up with us, and a shout out to the boys on the grill.
Hope to see everyone in August!
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Old May 9, 2010   #83
pete's Avatar
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Location: cincinnati
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I'm still thinking about that blueberry-habenaro pepper sauce, nice and and sweet,, then when the blueberries pop, out comes the heat!

It was all soooo good. Thanks to all!!

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Old May 9, 2010   #84
Tomatoville Honoree
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Default Jezebel Sauces

Even with the winds and the chilly weather could not change or discourage the attendees at the CHOPTAG Plant Exchange. The gathering of the old and new folks interested in gardening and growing tomatoes provided the warm fellowship often seen at family gatherings. I wish that "spirit" could be boxed and passed along to others. Since that is not possible I guess one has to experience it first hand. Remember there is a Tomato Tasting coming up this summer!

Several folks expressed interest in the variety of sauces I made and brought upon Earl's suggestion. Food preparation has been a great part of my life both in work and at home. I love to experiment with flavor and combinations and am always asking "what if"?

The sauces I brought were --- Add your choice and levels of heat you like.

Apple/Apricot using apple jelly and dried apricots re-hydrated

Berry/Berry Delicious was fresh Blueberrites and Rasberry Jam

Cranberry/Orange was fresh frozen cranberries I had saved from Christmas and essence of orange peel and fresh oranges.

Tomato and Fire Roasted Pimento Peppers

Tropical Fruit Delight made with a package of dried Tropical Fruit with complimenting fruit juices to re-hydrate the dried fruit.

Jezebel Sauce

You can serve this with meats -- Chicken, Pulled Pork, Ham, Grilled or Roasted beef, Burgers or BBQ or as chunks of meat appetizers and use as a dip for vegetables or spread over a block of Cream Cheese to be eaten with crackers. The Jams/Jellies may be a choice you make depending upon the type meats you have (Ham/Pineapple/Apple, Pork/Apple/Apricot, Turkey/Cranberry/Apple, Cranberry/Orange Marmalade). whatever combination you desire. Those with great desire for the "hot" stuff may add their favorite peppers.

Jezebel Sauce Example

1 (10-oz.) jar apple jelly
1 (10-oz.) jar pineapple jam
1 (5-oz.) jar prepared horseradish
1/4 c. dry English blend mustard
1 tsp. dried crushed red pepper

To prepare sauce: Process apple jelly, pineapple jam, horseradish, dry mustard and pepper in a food processor until smoothly blended. Store the blended sauce in a covered glass container under refrigeration for up to 3 weeks. Sauce is best if prepared the day before serving to allow flavor to fully develop. Yields approximately 2½ cups.
To serve: Traditionally, Jezebel Sauce has been served as an appetizer in southern Louisiana. To do so, simply bring prepared sauce to room temperature, pour over softened cream cheese and spread on crackers or Cayenne Toast. However, the complex blend of this sweet-yet-peppery-tasting sauce is a delicious garnish for pork, chicken and boiled shrimp. It also makes a superb dip for chicken nuggets. To use as a glaze for grilled pork or chicken, brush on meat during the last three minutes of cooking. Excellent!

Hope everyone has a great growing season. Remember to share the best tomatoes at the Tomato Tasting this summer!
Happy Gardening!
"We believe we mere debtors to God in relation to each other and all men, to improve our Time and Talents in this Life, in that manner in which we might be most useful." Shaker Covenant 1795
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Old May 12, 2010   #85
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Default Another great time

The weather was cold, but the company and food kept us all warm. It was great to see everyone again. I can't wait to get everything in the ground. My planting schedule was behind this year so my seedlings are just now getting potted up. I know I will have lots left over. If you didn't get enough at the SWAP and you are in the Cincinnati area please let me know. I'm sure I will have lots of extras looking for a good home.

I've done something this year that I've never done before....I made the garden smaller. Gasp! It was in a wet spot that simply would not dry out and after four bads years in that spot I've decided to let turn into the wetlands that it so wants to be.

Mark in Cinci
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Old May 13, 2010   #86
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I had a great time at the plant swap. There’s no word to describe the food layout except superb. Pete served us excellent brisket and pulled pork as the main course and Gary had all kinds of wonderful sauces which anyone could wish to choose from; with salads and beans and this and that and a bevy of delightful desert. We all [mostly] made pigs of ourselves. LOL. We may have to make Pete and Gary the official Co-CHOPTAG BBQ Master Chefs. Maybe we should start having one of these get togethers ever month!
I managed to get away without an abundance of plants being forced on me. It was great seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Nice to see Brian again.
"Seriously think about what you're about to do/say before you do it and the outcome will always be better." Earl
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Old May 24, 2010   #87
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Hi All,
It had been a long time since I'd been to an event and I was very glad to see some of the folks who I already knew, plus the new friends I got to know.

I second Earl's motion for a monthly chow fest :-) You just can get any better food than what you get at one of our events!

I hope everyone has had a chance to get their plants in the ground, this hot week should be good for everything.

Take Care,
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