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Originally Posted by coronabarb View Post
Worth, the canner w/o the gauge is probably a Mirro. We get questions about it a lot. The weight rocker on the top controls the pressure. As long as it is rocking correctly, the pressure is fine. I personally use weights on my Presto along with the gauge. The gauge is more to tell that the pressure has gone all the way down to zero after the heat has been turned off before opening the lid. I like the weights method.
Barb it is definitely a presto they recently stopped making.
Here is the instruction manual.

Originally Posted by Rajun Gardener View Post
I have a canner like the one in the pic of the video Worth posted, it's the newer type National Presto with a safety pressure lock in the handle. The weight constantly rocks and once pressure builds it has a pop up lock that prevents the lid from opening. It's basically dummy proof unless you point the pop off safety plug at your face.

In the pictuer I put up last night I notice what I thought was the pressure plug is the lid safety lock.
I still wouldn't want anything connect to the inside of the pressure camber pointed towards me.

This is a practice that has saved my tail more than once with higher pressures.
Old habits are hard to break.
I cant count how many untrained people I have seen open the main valve on a high presser tank staring at the gauge face.
You stand to the side.
Some time ago I had a rupture disk blow on me at 2500 pounds.
The idiot kid rebuilding the valve put the wrong rupture disk in it.
A Falling Knife Has No Handle

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