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Planting conditions were so perfect today, I went ahead and planted all I have room for in these two beds - in all about 220 cloves and my largest rounds - 14 varieties.
I was worried about the soil being a bit wet yesterday but besides the wind blowing and the sun shining these beds seem to be draining really well, and the soil condition today was ideal for planting. The temperature didn't reach 10C/50 F and the wind was brisk out of the west but dewpoint above freezing and actually not too bad for planting at all, my hands weren't even cold. I guess I realized it is not going to get any better than this, so just as well to plant with confidence that they are getting in on time and that is as good as it gets here.

Really happy to see the updated forecast when I came in, it looks like less than 20 mm tomorrow! That will just help them to snuggle in.

I will keep an eye on the rainfall amounts coming up though and maybe tarp the beds if it looks like we will be waterlogged. One tarp is on my old vegetable garden since 3 weeks ago, I have no idea if it was enough to kill off the vegetation in that time. I cut some trees and threw on top of it to help keep it from blowing away, so I hope it stays down during the storm tomorrow.
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my garlic is planted, big sigh of relief.

we had a two day break in the weather. yesterday was sunny and 67, today was in the 50s. i had two short shifts at work, so was able to till an area yesterday, and separated my garlic cloves. today after work i got the garlic in. a few rain drops were starting to fall, and i thought, please not now. wind has been blowing pretty good for several days. i decided to start planting, and see how it goes. the rain stopped, and i was able to finish and remain dry. the weekend weather isn't looking good. planting during snow showers, with temps in the 30s would not have been fun. been there, done that.

in ground are about 120 cloves comprised of my german hard neck, some locally bought garlic that looks like music, and 3 bulbs that were in the catawissa onions. not sure what variety. i also planted about 80 marble sized bulbils from the german garlic. the bulbils should each form a small bulb of garlic next summer from past experience, and full sized bulbs the following year.


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I got a start on my planting this weekend.
Got two 14'x100' tunnels planted. 4 beds in each tunnel.
Ran out of space but still had cloves, so planted a ~100' bed in my field area

Of note: 20 lbs of Chesnock (large bulbs) planted 450' worth of beds (3 rows per bed, rows and cloves 9" apart).
20 lbs of German extra hardy (large and xtra large bulbs) planted 300' of beds
15 lbs of music (large and extra large) planted 180' of beds

9.5 more field beds (3'x200') to go and one more tunnel. Noreaster possible this weekend, gonna mess up my schedule, as I work during the week and rely on weekends for stuff like planting.

Another note: After soaking the cloves in fish fertilizer for 24 hrs, I had roots and shoots showing on about 25% of the cloves when we drained the buckets.
Normally don't use fish, as it is THE most expensive form of N pound per pound versus other sources and its not even close, but I had some free samples of a dehydrated super concentrate powder that is 15-1-1 and 100% dissolvable. Not sure if was the fert or the duration of the soak (could you get the same results with just water soak for 24hrs).
Not sure that soaking it fert even does anything. The cloves have a waxy surface under the clove wrappers and skins. It seems those are the only parts that are going to absorb fertilizer., not the clove itself.
Plus, after I drain the fert, I do a 10 minute soak in 10% hydrogen peroxide, so I wonder if that washes off the fert on the surfaces anyway.

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Mine went in yesterday with help from my son since I've been battling a bad sinus infection -- 102 cloves plus 27 small rounds, and about 18 shallots. I'll let it settle in for a few weeks before I mulch. Feels good to have it done!
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Today I received a small package of Havran cloves. A farmer sent me some of his leftover planting stock. I had to plant those right away, since the weather is cooling rapidly. I planted 35 to a raised bed and 64 to Rootrainers, which I buried in the soil in an other raised bed. I am hoping that when spring arrives I can dig the Rootrainers up and transplant the cloves to the field. Coming weekend will be really cold, so planting to the field anymore this fall is probably not a good choice.

"I only want to live in peace, plant potatoes and dream."
- Moomin-troll by Tove Jansson
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