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Default sift mulch or use as is?

I just got a load of free mulch from the city. I know the smaller particles will decay sooner and I don't have any problem going to get more when it decays. Should I sift the mulch or just use it as is? Sifted with a 1/4 mesh screen. I can also sift with a 1/2" screen. I saved the sifted material to place into my tumbling composter that I fill with kitchen scraps that is often too "wet".

Unsifted and sifted mulch with pennies for comparison:
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It works either way. I personally use as is myself. I have sifted partially composted wood chip mulch before, but mainly I sift after almost composting fully just to clean out the bigger wood chips. Then I use the smaller sifted material and continue composting the bigger chips after mixing with grass clippings.

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I'd use it as is. However: I've been getting a lot of a bright yellow slime mold all over the sheet-mulched yard in the past couple weeks! I didn't even think about sifting the mulch, and probably wouldn't to separate out the fines, but I'm wondering if all the leafy stuff in this batch of mulch contributed to the slime-mold party.

I do pick out the larger pieces (thicker than my arm or wider than my hand) to use in hugelkultur beds.
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Ditto. We only pick out the small branch pieces and larger 2-3" pieces. I'm been saving a bucket for hugelkultur and now am again inspired to try one. Thanks, habitat.
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Thanks! I will use as is with the exception of sifting some out to use the smaller stuff in my tumbling composter as needed to dry it out a bit.
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