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Originally Posted by madddawg View Post
I have grown my beans a just a fence the past few years, 5' tall' and pretty much let them do what they want from there. But those darn rabbits seem to cut them down to half every year
But this year I will putting a fence around my fence that will learn them.
And yes KY em !pick two eat one.. bean of choice here
Good thought. When I planned to use the tall chain link fence between our yard and our neighbors, I hadn't considered the potential rabbit damage. They used to eat my baby bean plants in the garden area until my brother put a low fence around it.
Guess I'll have to do some more thinking and planning before planting along the fence.
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Thanks for all the suggestions, I think I'm going to go with a straight up and down design, this gives me a couple of ideas to play around with. Getting ready to make a trip to the garden center and hardware store next week to get most of what I need for the garden. Think I'll probably plant a small row on each side of the trellis.
Prior to this year, I'd only been growing in containers on a balcony, decided to get a community garden plot as well this year so I could grow more variety of plants (and also some bigger tomatoes, too).
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