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Default Rejuvenation! Thirsty No More

Rain! Thursday evening, after no rain for two weeks, one of those pop-up thunderstorms finally cried all over us, donating 2" of rain in one hour. There was not a puddle to be seen afterwards as the earth just sucked it all up. That was followed by 1/2" on Friday and another 1" yesterday afternoon. Wonderful! Dances With Hoses can finally put her hose down for a little while. :

The Colossus field peas are blooming and I spied the first pods yesterday. Since some wayward vines were sneaking under the support twines and invading the walkway, I tucked them back in. Then I realized I hadn't put any of the twine across the ends and corrected that omission.

The two Roselle plants are finally showing their differences. The 'Thai Red' I grew last year is setting a ton of flowers and already has formed a lot of red calyxes. However this year's 'St. Kitts & Nevis' has only one or two blooms. I still have a whole quart jar of dehydrated flower calyxes from last year and a ton of collected seed so I won't need to add to that emergency vitamin supply this year. 'St. Kitts & Nevis' is on the left and 'Thai Red' is on the right.

And finally a photo of the squash nursery where the second baby Zuchetta trombone squash is happily playing with two baby spaghetti squash. All is well out here in Cow Pie County. Hopefully the rain has recharged local greenery enough that the deer will ignore these peas! :thumb:

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