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Default A Garden Update

The tomatoes all got a bit wind whipped the past three days with a reprieve today. They're all leaning but the afternoon sun will pull them back up to attention.

I guess the beans didn't really mind those three nights in the low 40's because here they come, the sixth day after sowing! The saving grace was warm days, almost 80, to warm the soil back up.

In fact, today I noticed not only the Contender and Blue Lake bush beans were up, but also the Blue Lake pole beans, King of the Garden limas, National Pickling cukes, two kinds of sunflowers, Heavy Hitter okra and a Charleston Gray watermelon. Everything popping except the winter squashes, Choppee okra and the Black Diamond watermelon.

One of the two Wando pea beds probably has a nematode problem. That bed has had them before but last spring corn and onions were in there (which 'todes don't like) and it stayed fallow after that until this spring. Usually that will knock back the 'todes enough to make a crop of early cool weather stuff. Not this year, I guess, as it got warm early and woke the 'todes up early. 'Tode Wars!

The other bed is doing fine. I guess I'm just going to have to avoid planting peas in that bed. Another wrinkle in the rotation scheme!

Both beds are setting pea pods. So far the powdery mildew has stayed away, hopefully because I've been really diligent this year about pulling out any henbit weeds in the pea beds. When henbit is done and ready to hit the road it always funks up with mildew and passes it along to the peas like clockwork.

This is short day onion area but it seems I have better luck with intermediate or neutral day onions. The shorts seem to always bolt in the warm/cold temp swings here. This year the Granex and White Creole both bolted about three weeks ago. So far the intermediate Australian Browns have not. I keep swearing "no more onions" but always end up doing some anyway.

And finally, my favorite (and only) rose has started blooming. This is Perfume Delight with a fragrance that's outta sight. Combined with the sweet scent of the honeysuckle that's regrowing in the nearby grapevines, you get a good snoot full of wonderful when walking by. A rose for you, my friends!

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